16 October 2010

::bride war::

actually baru tengok bride war..
da basi, tapi cite ne memang besh bangat
meaning indeep!!
begitu terkesan dengan last skrip of this movie
"sometimes in life there really are born for there never be broken
sometimes you really can't find that one person who will stand by u no matter what
maybe your find in your sparse and celebrated with your dream wedding
but there also a chance
that the one person u can carry on for a lifetime
a one person who's know u 
sometimes better than u know urself
is the same person who standing beside u all along" ehehe;p 
betol ke tak, ingat gitu2 je verse tu, memang betol2 bermakna

dan jugak peringatan dari movie ne
for becoming bride exactly, manage well okei!^_^
''the final before the big day littles test for couple 
of how they work together, solved problem, communicate,
the early happy girl is over and become a ...
sometimes can be a fundamental conflict relationship for the ending
for the lucky one its highlight the essential harmony partnership
of course the luckiest bride"

note : bestfren everlasting hard to find...
bagus!!seharian kamu membuang masa greenapel(T_T)

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