12 January 2010

::KNock! knocK!::

'A second, a minute, an hour, a day goes by
I'm hopin' just to be by your side
I'm turnin' the handle, it won't open
Don't make me wait 'cause right now I need your smile
Knock, knock'

I love lenka's song, da cutest melody..hehe..owh! and then this song, 'don't let me fall'..awesome!i like it

"you're just the one that i've been waiting for
i'll give you all that i have to give and more
but don't let me fall"

ape aku merapu pepagi ne, bosan wehh takde customer nak request ordering, cepat2 la weh budget masuk, xbesh arr gini, sunyi jek mesin faxs, cube sebok2 kan sket, adoi slow betol la sale awal2 taun ne..

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